Unlocking Harmony: Slim Spurling’s Tensor Rings

Discover the Transformative World of Slim Spurling’s Tensor Rings

Slim Spurling, a luminary in subtle energy and dowsing, is celebrated for inventing the Light-Life Tools, a series of copper devices rooted in sacred geometry principles. These tools, notably the Tensor Rings, are renowned for their diverse applications, from fostering well-being to influencing environmental energies and protecting against EMFs. Slim Spurling’s legacy intertwines ancient wisdom with contemporary understanding, offering innovative solutions for enhanced vitality and positive transformation in living spaces and individuals’ well-being.

Slim Spurling’s  Tools include various geometric shapes made from copper, and they are believed to interact with subtle energies. For example, the Tensor Rings are a notable creation, and they are often used for applications like energy balancing, water structuring, and EMF protection.


“Understanding Geopathic Stress: Insights from Slim Spurling”


Geopathic stress explores the Earth’s energy impact on well-being.
Slim Spurling addressed geopathic stress, creating Light-Life Tools to alleviate its effects.
The blog explores geopathic stress, its impact, and the role of Light-Life Tools.

What is Geopathic Stress?

Geobiology studies Earth energies affecting life, influencing humans, animals, and plants.
“Geopathic” translates to “suffering of the Earth.”
Harmful zones have high positive ions, impacting human and plant life.
Sources include natural phenomena and man-made structures.

Types of Geopathic Stress:

Hartmann Grid: Earth’s natural radiation lines, influencing well-being at intersections.

Curry Lines: Subtle energy lines influenced by cosmic events, affecting sleep patterns.

Personal Lines: Unique effects on individuals, impacting health, relationships, and finances.

Interference Lines: Affect goals and activities on a property, creating obstacles.


Geopathic Stress Effects:

Long-term geopathic stress may lead to adrenal exhaustion.
Symptoms include exhaustion, insomnia, headaches, depression, and resistance to treatment.
Visual clues include crooked plant growth, cracks, pests, and areas with accidents.

Results of Removing Geopathic Stress:

People often experience increased energy after removing geopathic stress.
Initial tiredness may occur as the body relaxes.
Neutralizing stress may lead to increased bird and animal activity.
Some animals thrive in geopathic stress zones, so leaving some areas undisturbed is suggested.

This summary provides an overview  covering the definition of geopathic stress, its types, effects, and the observed results after its removal, as discussed by Slim Spurling.


Let’s delve deeper into each tool and explore how to use them:

1. Energy Harmonizers for Geopathic Stress:

  • Tool: Matrix 22 and Matrix 44 Energy Harmonizers.
  • Description: Copper-based Harmonizers
  • How to Use:
    • Placement: Strategically place in areas affected by geopathic stress.
    • Activation: Set intentions outside the included Light-Life Tensor Ring.
    • Maintenance: Reactivate occasionally, placing inside the Tensor Ring.

2. Tensor Rings for Beneficial Sleep:

  • Tool: Tensor Rings.
  • Description: Copper rings based on sacred geometry principles.
  • How to Use:
    • Sleep Improvement: Hang a large Tensor Ring on the headboard in alignment with the body.
    • Duration: Observe sleep patterns and adjust placement if needed.

3. Tensor Rings for Pain Alleviation:

  • Tool: Tensor Rings.
  • Description: Copper rings with potential pain-alleviating properties.
  • How to Use:
    • Configuration: Place Tensor Rings under the mattress or bed.
    • Observation: Monitor alleviation of chronic pain over time.

4. Tensor Rings for Increased Energy and Clarity:

  • Tool: Tensor Rings.
  • Description: Copper rings designed to amplify energies.
  • How to Use:
    • Work/Meditation: Stand or sit within the Tensor Ring’s field.
    • Benefits: Note increased energy and clarity levels during tasks.

5. Harmonizing Energy Fields with  Tools:

  • Tool:  Rings.
  • Description: Rings designed to harmonize distorted energy fields.
  • How to Use:
    • Placement: Position in areas with negative energy.
    • Observation: Observe improved energy balance in the environment.

6. Amplifying Positive Energy:

  • Tool: Tools including Personal Harmonizers.
  • Description: Tools acting as conduits to amplify positive energies.
  • How to Use:
    • Carry: Keep Personal Harmonizer during crowded or challenging situations.
    • Effect: Enhance positive vibrations around you.

7. Reactivating Energy Harmonizers:

  • Tool: Energy Harmonizers.
  • Description: Harmonizers designed to emit a positive light field.
  • How to Use:
    • Intentions: Reactivate with intentions outside the Tensor Ring.
    • Enhancement: Use the Environmental Clearing CD for increased light-field.

8. Functional Art Form of the Tools:

  • Tool: Including Energy Harmonizers.
  • Description: Tools designed as functional art forms with aesthetic and healing purposes.
  • How to Use:
    • Display: Showcase Energy Harmonizer in living spaces.
    • Appreciation: Acknowledge the beauty and functionality of the tools.

How to Choose the Right Tool:

  • Consideration: Choose based on specific needs—visible or unseen issues.
  • Size: Matrix 22 for larger areas, Matrix 44 for home and community.

Summary of Effects:

  • Physical Support: Matrix Harmonizers support life force physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.
  • Sense Intensification: Enhances six senses—sight, smell, taste, touch, sound, and intuition.
  • Environmental Benefits: Reduces toxic elements, balances and harmonizes magnetic and geopathic grid lines.

Personal Experiences and Observations:

  • Client Healing: Chronic pain alleviation, improved sleep, and heightened energy levels.
  • Collective Harmony: Tools contribute to a collective intention for a better world.

Additional Tips:

  • Sleep Enhancement: Place Tensor Rings under the pillow or bed.


  • EMF Neutralization: Use Tensor Rings over electronic devices to mitigate harmful effects.


  • Water Charging: Charge water with Tensor Rings for better taste and potential health benefits.

Basically :

  • Holistic Approach:  Tools offer a holistic approach to well-being and environmental harmony.


  • Adaptive Use: Experiment with different tools and placements for personalized benefits.


  • Contribution to Harmony: Activating tools contributes to a collective intention for a healthier and harmonious world.


tensor rings

Here are some common applications:

  1. Energy Balancing:
    • Tip: Use the Tensor Rings or other geometric tools to create energetic grids or fields that are believed to balance and harmonize energy in a space.
    • Example: Place a Tensor Ring under your bed or chair to create a balanced and harmonious energy field around your personal space.
    • Real-life Situation: As a health practitioner I do recommend these tools to individuals seeking methods for personal energy balancing or those interested in creating a more energetically harmonious environment at home or work.
  2. Water Structuring:
    • Tip: Wrap a Tensor Ring around a water container to structure and potentiate water, potentially improving its energetic qualities.
    • Example: Attach a Tensor Ring to your water pipe or place it around a water jug to structure the water you consume.
    • Real-life Situation: I advise clients to use these tools to enhance the energetic quality of the water they drink, incorporating subtle energy considerations into their holistic wellness routine.
  3. EMF Protection:
    • Tip: Carry a personal  Ring or pendant to create an energetic barrier against electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs).
    • Example: Wear a Tensor Ring pendant to mitigate the potential effects of EMFs from electronic devices.
    • Real-life Situation: In our modern world filled with electronic devices, individuals may seek tools that offer subtle energetic protection. Recommending these tools can be part of a holistic approach to well-being.

Its all in the twist .

The Way a tensor is twisted  is depends on  the measurement used and  the properties of those measurements .

Here are a few of the measurements

  1. Sacred Cubit:

    • Measurement: The Sacred Cubit is the first Cubit measurement used in tensor technology, discovered by Slim Spurling. When constructed into a circular form and connected, it creates a column of light.
    • Frequency: One Sacred Cubit  Tensor Ring vibrates at the frequency of 144MHz, an exact fraction of the Earth’s circumference.
    • Applications: Suitable for various applications in the 3D world, harmonizing physical discomfort, and clearing manifestations of disharmony in the environment.
    • Effect: Oscillates at the harmonic of pure white light, easily resonating with the physical body.

    Lost Cubit:

    • Measurement: The Lost Cubit is the second Cubit measurement, also known as the “hidden” Cubit, discovered through experimentation by Hans Becker and Slim Spurling.
    • Frequency: One Lost Cubit length has a higher frequency of 177MHz, creating a frequency delta of 33MHz between Sacred and Lost Cubits.
    • Applications: Ideal for addressing issues at a higher or more complex level, particularly beneficial for emotional states, mental loops, and chronic issues.
    • Effect: Acts as a portal between different levels, offering healing on unseen levels, even when the origin of the issue is not physically apparent.

    Empowerment Cubit:

    • Measurement: The Empowerment Cubit is the final measurement in the Cubit series, resonating with the Unified Field and having the largest circumference.
    • Frequency: Specifically tuned to a rainbow of high harmonic frequencies, providing support in clearing or holding a coherent field in multiple layers of the energy field.
    • Applications: Considered beneficial for Starseeds, Indigo’s, or Crystal children, offering support for healing by positively affecting various layers of the energy field.
    • Effect: Supports the body in healing itself more easily by reducing resistance in different layers of the energy field.

    Environmental Energy Harmonizers

    Environmental Energy Harmonizers blend Tensor Rings and an Acu-Vac Coil into a 3D sphere, generating a continuous energy flow that enhances vibrational frequencies. Designed to bring harmony to your surroundings, they can be versatility applied in various settings. With applications ranging from clearing air pollution to promoting plant growth, these Harmonizers aim to uplift and balance your environment. Each Harmonizer includes an Environmental Clearing CD and a ½ Sacred Cubit Ring. For optimal use, place the Harmonizer outside the ring, or for containment and recharging, place it inside the ring.

    Sacred Cubit Environmental Harmonizers :

    • Ideal for reducing EMF, Hartmann Grid, and geopathic stress zones.
    • Recommended for continuous activation to maximize effectiveness.
    • Suitable for creating a harmonious environment and energy sessions.

    Lost Cubit Environmental Harmonizer

    • Known for prompt plant growth, surpassing the Sacred Cubit in speed.
    • Gardeners witnessed immediate positive reactions from plants.
    • Versatile use in energy sessions and environmental applications.

    In essence, the Environmental Energy Harmonizers provide diverse benefits, from mitigating environmental issues to supporting personal growth. Select the one aligning with your needs and witness the positive transformations they bring.

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