What other people are saying about  their treatments and results.

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these testimonials below.


“Leanne makes health easy to understand  and is a total professional”

Mrs Carolyn  W    Bossley Park NSW

Thank you Leanne for all help and kindness during our most difficult time .My family
have benefited mentally and physically  from you support .The children now  do
not catch every bug and my husband lower back condition has  not troubled him for
over the last 9 months.With the passing of my mother your support has meant everything
.Thank you for you professional help .”
Maria DeS  Cabramatta   NSW




My husband and I had been trying to have a child for over 14 years.12 years on IVF has not gifted us with a child .Finally I got up the courage to try a treatment with a lady that a friend has said had helped her.8 months later I was pregnant with our first at the age of 38 .I was desperate and really did not believe I would ever fall pregnant. Leanne treated both myself and my husband who had a low sperm count. We are now the parents of a very gifted 5 year old child with a high IQ. What can I say . It worked .If you need help go to Leanne do what she says and be patient .Thankfully we did and are forever grateful
Mr & Mrs   John  C
Lurnea  NSW


I came to see Leanne after 2 years of trying to fall pregnant and 1 year of IVF. After two failed IVF attempts I contacted Leanne for alternate and natural therapies as I reacted badly to the hormone drug used in IVF.After 4 months of natural medicines,positive thinking techniques and relaxation methods used by Leanne I fell pregnant.Leanne is now looking after me during my pregnancy and will continue treating me until I give birth to my first bundle of Joy ! Thank you Leanne for all the wonderful work xx Dianna S 2007


” My specialist told me I had Sohjons Disease and needed to have my eyes operation.My friend  mentioned her  herbalist  Leanne  could help .I came to see Leanne for my dry eyes .In two months of treatments with Leanne my specialist was shocked that I did not need the eye surgery.He kept me in his office for over two
hours trying to find out how my eyes had fixed themselves .I still go to Leanne when I have any health problems .Now my Doctor and Leanne help me  and talk about my problems together .Leanne has also helped me greatly with  my menopause.I do not have any problems now and my doctor checks my blood tests and tells Leanne how good her treatments are working .”

Mrs Celeste C  Five Dock NSW



“I went to Leanne at the Psoriasis & Acne clinic for my Psoriasis of 25 years.She has helped me greatly,a good diet, what to stop eating ,a natural herbal cream and my skin improved every day.Now I do not need any help .I can help myself .She
taught me to get control of the skin psoriasis. I thank her  for helping me ”
Mr Elgado  D        NSW


I  have suffered from psoriasis for 16 years  and  have
noticed 40% improvement in 3 months of treatments with Leanne ..The skin does not have scaling as before.The treatment has been changes to my diet and natural creams and herbs

Mrs G M Casula



I came to leanne with severe acne .Leanne took my case history recommended a course of herbal medicine  and dietary  changes and correct skin care.I have seen improvement in skin texture and colour.After having green peels on my skin my friends and
family are astounded at how amazing my skin looks.

Leanne also helped to naturally balance my hormones.I get no cyclic PMT acne breakout and other  PMT symptoms are
80% deduced .If you have acne go to Leanne she will explain everything to you and you can trust her to do her best for you . Miss Matilda A  NSW

“I was very  concerned about my skin ,it was oily and
congested.I had bad breakouts and scaring.Leanne put me on a treatment to clear my acne placing me on vitamins and digestive enzymes to balance out my hormones as well as a cleanser and acne cream.(she makes them herself) I feel a lotbetter ,my breakouts and acne have cleared and my scaring has reduced alot.The products are fantastic and really make a difference in a short time (2 weeks).I am very pleased with the results. Miss Netta  R  Prestons NSW



“Leanne Winner has been our Natural Therapist for a period of time  now, she takes extremely good care with her patients .Especially children.Her herbal medicines have proven to be beneficial in treating health problems.Even more effective than conventional medicines. In my experience Leanne is very professional and knowledgeable therapist in her field of medicine.I have confidence in recommending Leanne’s
services to other patients ” Mrs Connie M Casula NSW



“I spent 3 years trying to cope with the pain and congestion of chronic sinus.During those years I visited doctors,chemists, specialists and had x-rays,not to mention countless varieties
of antihistamines,inhalants,prescribed medication,tubes stuck up my nose ,even the removal of all carpeting from my home, all to no avail. Then I decided to try a naturopath.Within 3 weeks of treatment from the naturopath,including massage and natural remedies,YES  JUST THREE WEEKS,my symptoms had reduced
drastically and now two years later I occasionally experience minor sinus problems when the weather is not favourable .These symptoms are treated easily with aromatherapy massage oils and a herbal mixture provided by Leanne.I have and would recommend trying alternative medicine for anyone experiencing medical problems which are not responding to traditional medical treatment .I have even started taking my grandchildren for consultations. Mrs Susan Mc  Lurnea NSW

I have been seeing Leanne Winner regularly now for almost 2
years.I was referred to her by my GP for massage therapy due to my constant chronic aches and pains from head to toe.

After going through my medical history and my family’s medical history,Leanne diagnosed me with gluten intolerance.No doctor or specialist ever bothered to test me for this.Leanne knew straight away the root of my problem.Leanne recommended that I go on the Blood Type Diet,ie eating foods only beneficial to my blood type.I have never looked back.For the first time in 10 years I have an increase in energy.I have lost weight,and all chronic aches and pains reduced by 90%.I sleep better and have found a new lease on life.I thought having pain was normal and so I put up with it and carried on.I now know what normal really is.

Leanne pinpoints the cause of the problem with accuracy.She fascinates me with her vast knowledge of the human body.Leanne is a highly skilled Natural Therapist and a true professional.Leanne conducts all treatments and services in an ethical manner.She loves what she does and does it with passion.

Her “energy healing” treatments take effect before you leave her rooms.Her aromatherapy treatments have to be experienced to be believed.

I see her regularly for what I call maintenance.I enjoy her therapeutic massage but most of all I love how I feel when I leave her rooms and how I have felt for the past two years.

I have recommended her to my family and friends and would recommend her to anyone who has any medical problem or condition,or even just a lack of energy or sparkle.

I thank my GP for sending me to her.I thank her with all my heart but most of all I thank her for being the best.

Mrs Connie B        Liverpool ,NSW



“With this treatment I feel a lot of improvement in my health eg less headache,more energy to do things around the
home,better sleep within 1 week.2 weeks now  I  can stand up from the floor without help .”  Mr Surya L Bass Hill NSW