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    I do not understand why you will not sell your repeat order products to me ?

    In Australia many products are only available  as recommended by a practitioner specifically for you.

    Unless I have consulted with you personally I cannot supply products to you .It is much the same with prescription medication of any type. Some products in store are OTC (over the counter),these you can purchase.

    What is your return policy on the OTC products ?

    These products are also not returnable unless they are damage in shipping.All product that are registered are insured and thus are covered with a replacement policy .  .If however,registered post items have not arrived within 7 days your products will be reshipped ASAP.Please be aware that you are self prescribing and bear the responsibility  for any  adverse reactions etc and  must be referenced to the products manufacturer listed on the product.

    But what if I never receive my product via mail?

    All product purchases that are shipped  via Australia registered post are insured .Rest assured that your product will be reshipped  ASAP..However this does not apply to regular post articles.

    I do not live in Australia .Can I still order from your site?

    Yes,you can order e books ,no problem.

    .OVERSEAS CUSTOMERS: Postal charges are listed FOR AUSTRALIA ONLY. Most products have the weight listed, please use the below site to work out an estimate of your postal fees (or email me).

    Once you "add to cart' your items Please contact me to amend shipping fees & charges as above) to overseas if we have not yet done so.
    Combine your items and we will charge you whatever the standard Australia post charges are(includes packing, handling & registration.) (Remember to add 100-250gm for packaging & box (otherwise items get damaged)

    (APPROXIMATE) OVERSEAS POSTAL FEES: Please go to www.auspost.com.au to provide a postage estimate & type in ship from postcode 2170.

    I am having trouble login in to HPmembers site /lost password etc ?

    Please email me for instructions

    Do you combine postage ?

    POSTAL CHARGES: Are usually listed on each product. Otherwise, we charge Australia post rates + a small packing fee. FIT WHAT YOU CAN IN A 500gm post pack size or 3kg post pack BAG & save on postage. For large items please contact me for an estimate. If your item is light, you may like to add some of our other items up to the weights above to save on postage.

    When is the best time to contact you ?

    I catch up with emails overnight.You will generally receive correspondence within 24 hours .

    Ebook Help

    Can I return downloaded e books if I change my mind ?

    Yes,you get a 24 hour time period to request a refund if the ebook is unopenable on your computer.Please note that is a technical issue on your part . As all the e-books have been checked with various WinZip and Adobe versions you are unlikely to have any problems with viewing or downloading .

    FAQ's (frequently asked questions)


    What is an e-Book?

    The term e-Book stands for electronic book. It is basically a book that can be read on your PC or palm device.


    What do I need to read an e-Book?

    Most e-Books are in PDF format. For books of this type you will need adobe acrobat reader. You will probably already have this on your PC. If not you can download it free from www.adobe.com

    Most other e-Books are exe (executable) files. These need no software to run on your PC.

    They can also be in the form of a word file or HTML file.


    How will my e-Book be delivered?

    You e-book is automatically available for download as soon as your Paypal payment is processed.Please note that this is normally instant .You will receive an automated response email from the Healthclinic with your download link.Your download link is valid for 24 hours. .However if you have not received your download email within 24hours please email me and I will sort it out for you .As a last option Your e-Book can be delivered electronically via email to your primary PayPal email address if the automated process fails.

    I have clicked on the link in the email but I get a message "You have no file downloads available " .What do I do ?

    ALL EBOOKS ARE AVAILABLE FOR DOWNLOAD FOR 24 HOURS ONLY .Please download as soon as you get your download email.If you miss this time frame contact me and let me know this has occurred.


    Will I require any additional software?

    Your e-Books will be delivered in zipped up (compressed) format.

    You will need WinZip to extract the file. Again you will probably have this already on your PC. If not download it free from www.winzip.com


    I am waiting for e book to be emailed and has not arrived?

    E books are emailed as last resort.First check your spam folder for the download link email .If for some reason it is necessary to email you an e book follow this advise :If you do not receive your e-Book check your spam/trash folder. It will probably be there. If not make sure you adjust your spam filter settings then contact me.Or notify me as Paypal may not have processed your payment from your account

    I have another question?

    If you need to know anything else please use the contact page under the help section

    Do E books by Leanne come with resale right?


    Do other ebooks on this site come with resale rights ?

    Yes and that information is in the description of the product

    I have paid through paypal but nothing happened ?

    Occasionally Paypal does not redirect you back to the site for download .Which should have been immediately ..
    If you haven't please check your spam folder etc or email again. Download links are available for 24hours so If you have not received anything please email me and I will reissue and ensure process of your order .

    If all else fails I will email your ebooks to you.

    How long do I wait before contacting you ?

    Contact me anytime but usually 24hours is standard .

    Please not that at the moment paypal is the only option for e-book downloads .

    Australian residents can combine e books with other items to be delivered in the same order .For example products and e books .The products can be delivered or picked up from the premises whilst the e books will be available once your order is ready to dispatch .

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