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Dark Silk

Dark Silk

Dark Silk Australia team use their experience, innovating spirit and manufacturing technology in their search and selection of plants with natural and gentle cleansing properties to clean and nurture your hair and scalp.

We carefully process them in our proprietary process that keeps all effective natural substances intact. Dark Silk 100% Natural Hair Wash product gently washes hair and scalp while keeping the skin sebum in right balance, maintaining hair and scalp in healthy condition. This provides good natural conditions for hair's healthy growth while enhancing the hair's natural pigment. Dark Silk Australia research team uses its comprehensive plant and biochemistry knowledge to tirelessly search for plants beneficial in skin care.

Dark Silk Australia's two most popular products,

Dark Silk Classic and Dark Silk Express - 100% Natural Hair Care Products - are made in a way totally different from the way in which most conventional hair wash shampoos are made. Most conventional shampoos are made from chemical surfactants, water, thickeners, preservatives, artificial colours, fragrances and other - mostly chemical - ingredients, many of which are petrochemical derivatives. In contrast, Dark Silk 100% Natural Hair Wash product is made entirely from plants. It contains no man made chemicals, no preservatives, no artificial colours or fragrances. In development and manufacture of Dark Silk 100% Natural Hair Wash products,

We carefully analyze their properties and continue developing new processing techniques that preserve the plants' natural active properties. In this way we can offer more new and unique 100% Natural Personal Care product to our customers in the future.

Q: What key ingredients are commonly found in a conventional shampoo ?

A: Main ingredients in all chemical shampoos are surfactants, short for “surface-active agents”. These are commonly derived from petroleum and other chemicals. The most common surfactant is "sodium lauryl sulfate" (SLS) or its variety chemicals. Surfactant lifts the sebum and dirt from hair and scalp. For cosmetic and commercial reasons chemical shampoos contain many other chemicals in addition to surfactants. These additives are: thickeners, preservatives (mainly parabens), emulsifiers (glycol distearate, etc.), colour additives, foam boosters and many others.

Our conventional daily used shampoo is like a miniature chemical store. It contains many chemicals you would never even dream about. There is a mounting body of evidence that many of these chemicals are harmful, causing damage to tissues, skin and hair follicles.



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Dark silk classic hair cleanser shampoo
Dark silk classic hair cleanser shampoo
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