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 Consult Yourself !

You are in for a surprise with this book .

Do you want to know the secret to abundant health and wellbeing ?

.Do you want someone to be straight with you and tell you very clearly, without pages of waffle getting to the point , exactly what you need to do  .

Bring yourself into alignment with the  person you want to be

Have the health you have always wanted

As a Health practitioner I practice health and wellness so I know what you need to do to turn your health to abundance wellness . By reading  my testimonials page you will know that I can  bring real change in your wellness potential  that effects your entire life .

Health is not about vitamins, minerals and someone else taking responsibility for making you well.

It is about you knowing yourself and how your marvellously created body works and how to achieve optimal function


Well after years of treating patients and being one myself at one stage I came to realise that often the majority of my consultation time with a patient was spend re motivating a patient to do what they already knew.

You know to  drink adequate water ,eat good food ,fresh air and  exercise .So the real question is

 If we know these things already why aren't we doing them ?

And even if you are , you may be left to wonder, 'Why nothing seems to work?'

You read & learn.  You buy nutrients and/or take
prescriptions.  You exercise and watch what you eat.
    And you just don't feel like your health is what
it should be.
You Can't Change Your Health If You Can't Change Your Mind
    You can't make changes; because you are sabotaging
yourself in ways you are not aware of.  You are trying hard
to change something that ignores effort.

Finding what your body thrives on

I really think that everything we do must have something in it for us or we don't do it .It must make us feel good  about ourselves. To motivate you to good health ,better health is really about understanding why something is good for you, knowing exactly what suits you, your body and  being aware of what makes you feel good .

 I got to thinking about it .If I could increase  my vitality could I not spark up my body on a cellular to better utilise nutrients like it used to ? So I examine my thoughts, beliefs and  the last few years of life to come to this realise .Emotional wellbeing and experiences change you on a fundamental level and set up stress patterns that can limit your potential If I belief that I will get something , inevitable  I have .

The missing element in your health makeover

"Work it ! work it ! " they yell as you struggle with with that new you beaut exercise program.

Don't do it if it doesn't make you feel good .Life is about enjoyment .Did you know that just be imagining yourself exercising your brain and body respond as if your physically doing it .Gain the mental uplift first and your body will respond accordingly.


   Try this now for yourself .

Think to yourself I have won lotto, really feel the excitement spreading though you , I am  excited for you Now ask yourself do you feel excited and energetic. What just happened in that moment to you ? That's a tip .If you feel tired and exhausted pretend ,imagine and be aware of how your emotions soar. You will instantly feel better and more energetic .I am  starting to burn quicker and slenderise just thinking about it

The eternal youth within

So where is that enthusiasm of youth .When you could accomplish anything. Exercise is really just movement and one of the benefits of movement is that it moves your chi or life-force faster. Change your outmoded way of thinking and light the furnace of your body to rejuvenate, heal and support you . The secret  is about cellular and energy ignition. The flame of life ,the spark of emotion.

Now emotions can generate a negative food  pattern response .Learn how to chance your reactivity to pre -activate  foods.

Combine this with an understanding of how foods support you, what adds spark and what causes resistance in your body and your well on your way to enjoyed health. Consult yourself is your guide  based on naturopathic principles. You will learn what modern scientific study has uncovered   about foods and how they affect you. Some foods  can cause disease  to manifest and others can heal other diseases.

You get the tools of health support

In Consult Yourself I have incorporated foods,herbs,vitamins,aromatherapy,colour,light and emotional action to turn your health around .These are just a hint of some of  the resources available to you if you know how to use them .

You get  guided  instruction on how to tailor your own treatment plan .

Consult Yourself started with your personal health card .Just tick and rate any of your symptoms .As we work through the book you select treatment options suitable for you to form  the program that suits you .In two weeks you reassess  your progress and adjust your program as you master each level of health rejuvenation .

See, my self help system in Consult Yourself is not going to confuse you with
hundreds of pages of theory, nonsense, and hype. No 60 pages of how liver cleanse or all you need about ......... Do really need to know all about "it "or do you need to know what you can do to help yourself and improve ........ condition .

Consult Yourself is about being proactively healthy .As healthy as you can be .

I am not going to waste any of your time, making you read hundreds of pages on how to get well. The fact is if you had to read hundreds of pages before you could get started, you'd probably never get started.

So lets keep it simple and concise .

You will so value this ebook that you will whip it out whenever a friend family member is under the weather and "suggest why don't you try this ?"
I am sure you will find much benefit in Consult Yourself that I am offering a 90 day money back guarantee.


A few  tips and helpers  you will learn 

5 nutrients found in common foods that reduce your risk for cardio vascular problems

Yes,  activate brown fat (the dormant fat store you just can budge when on a regular diet ) with these simple techniques and nutrients.

 End your food allergies with this diet

Drop your cholesterol with these nuts 

-Improve fertility with nutrition

-Learn how to address dietary triggers for psoriasis, acne ,eczema and other skin conditions Learn the " how and what" of skin care and preparations for these specific skin conditions.

Cure your Back pain -  Back injury rehabilitation exercises and more

Nausea  This herbal tea prevents and cures it 

The spice of life may be sitting on your kitchen self


Cigarette cravings  follow these simple tips to reduce cravings


Cool hot flushes  with these non prescriptive remedies for reducing hot flushes

This essential oil relieves depression  and Learn  how to use essential oils to balance most  mental and emotional states.

Find out the real cause of illness and how to side step its effects


Reprogram your health potential with star foods


And Many more simple, yet highly effective techniques  to increase you health potential and improve your wellness longevity

And Now the inside secrets revealed

Find out the easiest quickest way to self heal and enjoy the abundance of health, wellbeing and joy

 You can change your mind!  You can own the tools!


 CONSULT YOURSELF IS FOR YOU !  Your friends ! Your Family !

Share it, enjoy it and live it !

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Compelling straight forward  read , informative , exceptional  value ! ! ! !

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  The  4 e-Books you will receive are.. devastatingly powerful health secrets like:
Book 1 – How to use colour to facilitate health improvements simply and easily within your own home... (You'll be blown away by these little secrets when you get to use colour healing!)Did you know colour is vibration  ? By changing colours around you you vibrate differently ...
Book 2 – Herbal Teas for your health .How to mix and blend …...

Herbs have life-force and energy just waiting to be liberated

Book 3 – How to use Thermotherapy  to facilitate health improvements simply and easily within your own home... (You'll be so relaxed  by easy quick home treatment  healing!)How to use "Hot Lava stones" and other healing tools  to get the sweet relief you may want
Book 4 – How to see your  future  health issues now and prepare What's coming up to you... using Biorhythms and Astrology of Health  and other secret techniques .

Every thing in nature and the universe is on cycle ..cycles inside cycles.

Prevent your body getting in the way of living your
life's fullest potential

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