Recommended products

General health and longevity products

Simply the best general selection of products that have formed the foundation of holistic  maintenance  for health & longevity.You may find links to many of these products on the links page .

  1. Consult yourself  E book –  If you are really serious about improving you health you just cannot let this one pass you by. For the last 23 years I have been researching every new vitamin, mineral ,new fad etc  that has come my way. I have assess products and asked the question “are they just  hype?”

 Now this information can be yours. Do not waste countless hours searching  for the low-down on renewed health .Its here now and is available for immediate download . And for a limited time you also get 4 free e books written by me . (One is the Herb Tea book I recommend below)

  You will love this easy  to read book Comes with symptom charts and reference charts and   Home treatments you can do & women and Libido .This book contains various diets for skin and hormonal complaints  and a comprehensive cross reference  so that you will be able to consult with you ….


  • Nutriway Double xx organic multivitamin & mineral with   Antioxidants .If you have trouble taking multivitamins you will find these great .

  • Holosync Holosync improves your stress threshold Call for a demo CD Bill Harris the founder of Holosync .Find Bill on the Secret DVD

  • .Sylk personal lubricant all natural-pharmacy and from the Healthclinic store.

  • .Binka sweets for the children Available from supermarkets

  •  Xylitol natural sweetener.Available in supermarkets .many health benefits   reduces tooth decay low GI prevents glue ear  and sinus complaints

  • ASEA  Redox molecule Helps with cell metabolism reduces sugar cravings ,increases stamina and endurance.Dermal- improves skin elasticity

  • My organic skin cleanser for problem skin .works fast .Used with my acne cream to reduce scaring

  • Grander water re educators -When you want your water to act like water .Taste and enjoy the health benefits of water in a way you never thought possible.

  • Orgran wheat free products available in supermarkets

  •  A2 milk available in supermarkets

  •  Natures Organics range of washing powders and hair care products

  • .Bach Flower remedies available from retail outlets or your health practitioner can prepare your specific blend for you .

  • .Efalex for ADD/H View the free video that explains why this so effective for ADD .

  • Madura Green tea  available in supermarkets 

  • Amy’s organic soups available from health food stores

  • Great herbal teas from teas. Accompany my e books  on Herbal Teas and Rosebud

  • doTERRA ESSENTIAL OILS  Best quality essential oils
  •  DoTerra essential oils

  • Floradix Kinder vital  and Magnesium drink liquid supplements-Available from the store

  • Silicea Gel for most skin conditions and joint integrity .See in store for more details

  • Arthro aid direct for muscle ,joint pain see in store for more details

  •  Soleo all natural 30plus sunscreen This stuff is great.

  • Alex Chui immortality rings they work like a treat
  • Zeolite minerals for health