Psoriasis and Acne products

Psoriasis & Acne Products

Our aim to provide cost effective products at an affordable price.

Products offered from the Psoriasis & Acne clinic are not sold on the internet as a consultation is required to assess skin conditions .

However after your consultation you can purchase directly from the Healthclinic shop .

If you are unable to attend the clinic I suggest that you purchase my e book consult Yourself -What you need to know about Psoriasis is in this book .It contains the same information I give on handouts to my face to face patients .Just follow the guidelines in the book and you will see a 30 to 50 % improvement without any medication as long as you follow directions to the letter.

There are only a limited number of products used for Skin treatments through this clinic.They can, however, be mixed and matched to suit your skin condition .Our aim to provide cost effective products at an affordable price. Products are made on the premises from the finest ingredients.

Skin care

For Acne -organic cleanser 50mls – $29. And aromatherapy acne cream $45

For itching – The spray cost $15.50 Long lasting

For accelerating lesion healing -C cream 50gram $45 100gram $60. Long lasting used once or twice daily

Body and Scalp Shampoo -Dermacleanse 250 ml $48 . Long lasting Cools and soothes

Antifungal cream 25 gram $26.50 .Clears fungal skin & nail conditions. All natural, amazingly effective for stubborn conditions

Healall cream – “herbal- cortisone” stimulating cream 50 grams -$35


Herbal formulas specific for chronic and acute eczema, psoriasis and acne

For elimination of toxins I generally recommend an internal cleansing product click here to find out more

Other products are made specifically for you depending on analysis. The above products are only a sample range to give you some idea of how cost effective treatment can be .These products are the most recommended and have a high success rate in achieving results .

Product making Kits are available for order .Some of the products I recommend you could make yourself Please view product making page.