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About the Psoriasis & Acne Clinic All natural skin treatments

All treatment products are steroid and drug free. I selectively isolate the correct immune triggers to reduce flare ups .Everything is explained to you and all information is conveniently given to you on handouts.

My aim to provide quality care for all skin conditions and help you solve your  problem skin dilemma .I know you just want it gone ,so lets get started !

I have good success with my Psoriasis treatments and my acne treatment involves the latest in natural health to provide you with drug free , effective treatment.

At the clinic I provide specialized treatment for a variety of skin conditions including  Boils, Dermatitis, Eczema, Psoriasis, Cellulite, Open pores, Pigmentation ,Stretch marks, Acne, Tinea and fungal infections.,acne treatment & breakout . I also offer Pre and Post operative skincare

A Consultation is required before any products are given. Mail and online ordering  is available after initial consultation Please phone for details    Consultation fee are  affordably at only $97 for an hourly  intensive initial consultation  or $60 for 30 minute  subsequent consultation. (Most Dermatologist charge over $150 for 15 minute)


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Psoriasis What is it and why do I have it ?

Psoriasis is a long-lasting skin disease characterized by scaling and inflammation. Scaling occurs when cells in the outer layer of the skin reproduce faster than normal and pile up on the skin’s surface.

What Causes Psoriasis?

Recent research indicates that psoriasis is likely to be a disorder of the immune system. This includes a type of white blood cell, called a T cell, that normally helps protect the body against infection &disease. Scientists now think that, in psoriasis, an abnormal immune system causes activity by T cells in the skin. These T cells trigger the inflammation and   excessive skin cell reproduction seen in people with psoriasis.
What Are Some Promising Areas of Psoriasis Research?
Researchers continue to search for genes that contribute  to the inherited and other causes of psoriasis. Scientists are also working to improve our understanding of what happens in the body to trigger this disease. In addition, much research is focused on developing new and better treatments. Some of these experimental treatments, such as agents directed at the specific types of T cells involved, work to improve the disease with less overall suppression of the immune system.

In about one-third of the cases, psoriasis is inherited.

People with psoriasis often notice that there are times when their skin worsens, then improves. Conditions (triggers) that may cause flare ups include changes in climate, infections, stress, certain foods and dry skin.

Also, certain prescribed medicines, such as beta-blockers that are used to treat high blood pressure, and drugs used to treat depression, may trigger an outbreak or worsen the disease.

Many types of Psoriasis respond differently to treatment.
At the Psoriasis and Acne clinic we will assist you to isolate your dietary and environmental triggers. Our Treatment consists of many various treatments so that we can best individualize a treatment for your needs. We supply a unique product range to fully complete the Psoriasis treatment that most suits you.


We welcome you to our clinic.


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 Q: How do traditional and alternative approaches differ?

A: Traditional medications are those that are taught to a Dermotologistt  , and are generally medicines, ointments or preparations manufactured by pharmaceutical companies. UV B light therapy and PUVA is also in the traditional category. An example of a traditional approach would be oral medications or topical ointments containing cortisone. Cortisone is an effective anti-inflammatory, but the side effects and potential for damage to the other systems of the body is very high with long term use.

Alternative approaches try to reduce and control psoriatic outbreaks with cleansing diets (detoxification), herbs or  mineral preparations. Many people think alternative remedies are not scientific. This is not so! Although much data about herbal combinations can be considered anecdotal, there are hundreds of years of knowledge beginning to reemerge.  The natural and alternative approaches we look for must be free from the long term side effects and possible damage to the other body’s systems.

Q: Can you tell me the best approach for my psoriasis?

A: I do  prescribe treatments and treatment regimes. These are on an individual basis. I  offer information and give you information to making an informed decision. Our product list was not put together randomly. We searched for specific approaches that could help provide relief and minimize the potential damage to the body if used long term.

Q : What does the treatment you offer consist of ?

Basically the treatment consists of

1. Strengthen and clear the build up of toxins that perpetuate the psoriasis process.
2.Repair by offering  your body the foods (fuels) and nutrients it needs to function in a state of balance (symptom free ).
3.Maintenance – Stay psoriasis free by learning about your own body, how it responds to certain foods, and what your psoriasis triggers are.
To complement the diet, you may want to add  Omega 3 oils  , minerals ,herbs designed specifically for Psoriasis and a herbal ointment can also be beneficial during your cleansing to reduce itching and scaling.
Q: Can you cure my psoriasis?

There is no cure for Psoriasis as psoriasis is an autoimmune disease .Natural treatments offer a natural way for you to gain management of your  condition by assisting you to find what is stimulating (triggering) your immune system imbalance .

Q: How long will it take for my skin to clear ?

This is individual .I cannot predict how quickly you will respond to treatment but do not doubt you will respond one we rebalance your immune system .Download psoriasis-information

Q Do you have any particular products that you recommend ?

Yes .


There are only a limited number of products used for Skin treatments  through this clinic.They can, however, be mixed and matched to suit your skin condition .Our aim to provide cost effective products at an affordable price. Products are made on the premises from the finest fresh and organic  ingredients.

Our aim to provide cost effective products at an affordable price.

Products offered from the Psoriasis & Acne clinic   are not sold on the internet as a consultation is required to assess  skin conditions .

However after your consultation you can purchase directly from the Healthclinic shop .

If you are unable to attend the clinic I suggest that you purchase my e book consult Yourself -What you need to know about Psoriasis is in this book .It contains the same information I give on handouts to my face to face patients .Just follow the guidelines in the book and you will see a 30 to 50 % improvement without any medication as long as you follow directions to the letter.

All of trigger isolation information that you receive from me here at the clinic during consultation in included in Consult Yourself .

This is the next best thing  to consulting with me personally .

  • Learn how to address dietary triggers for psoriasis, acne ,eczema and other skin conditions

  • Learn the ” how and what” of skin care and preparations for these specific skin conditions

    Skin care Costing

    For Acne -organic cleanser 50mls – $29.  And aromatherapy acne cream $45

    For itching – The spray  cost $15.50  Long lasting

    For accelerating lesion healing -C cream 50gram $45 100gram $60. Long lasting used once or twice daily

    Antifungal cream 25 gram   $26.50 .Clears fungal skin & nail   conditions. All natural, amazingly effective for stubborn conditions

    Healall cream – “herbal- cortisone” stimulating cream  50 grams  -$35


    Herbal formulas specific for chronic and acute eczema, psoriasis and acne

    Other products are made specifically for you depending on analysis. The above products are only a sample range to give you some idea of how cost effective treatment can be .These products are the most recommended  and have a high success

    rate in achieving results  .


  • view our testimonials page to read what results others have had
  • View Light Therapy
  • View Powerful Health Secrets In my e book Consult yourself there is a wealth of information on how to treat Psoriasis .A complete list of dietary triggers are listed as well as products to use.This book is suitable option  for you if are unable to make it to the clinic in personal.
  • Below are examples of treatment progress timelines
  • Psoriasis Patient 1    Female    40 years
  • Copy_of_April_5_2004_19_small Copy_of_April_5_2004_15_small Copy_of_April_5_2004_14_small

    Start           1 month        10 weeks

  • Treatment is a management program .Patient learnt how to control her Psoriasis and what to do if she gets a flare up. Patient has reported only one minor flare up  in the  past 14 months.She was able to follow her treatment protocol more closely  and the flare up receded.
  • Patient 2     Male   55 years
  • Copy_of_April_5_2004_17_smallCopy_of_April_5_2004_18_smallCopy_of_April_5_2004_16_smallStart         1 month      3 months
  • .Note severity of condition .Slow but sure progress. Patient now has only 20% of the condition that he had before attending clinic .He was not able to  eliminate some of the foods  as recommended as this clashed with his cultural attachment to some  foods .The patient was very happy with this result .12  months into treatment patient’s condition has  remained stable and is self maintained.Treatment results vary and depend on adherence to treatment protocol and other factors.