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Set of 3 ebooks
Herb Teas
Tea Leaf reading bonus book


Herbal teas, called “tisanes” in Europe (tisane is the French word for infusion), are not true teas since they are made from dried herbs and do not contain tea leaves.

However, like tea, herbal teas have been consumed for centuries as healing tonics and traditional medicines. In Germany, where pharmaceutical-quality herbal teas are sold as over-the-counter drugs, 60 percent of packaged teas are medicinal teas.

Herb Teas by Leanne Winner
Introduction to the world of herbal Teas
Expand your palate with the refinement of herbs .Learn what teas make you well and the best way and correct quantities to consume to improve your quality of life

Rosebud by Leanne Winner
Learn all about the fragrant world of flower teas
Their health benefits and their mesmerising, serendipitous allure ………

Bonus ebook Tea leaf reading !