Staurolite Fairy stone in matrix


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The fairy stone-8 grams.Great to carry in a handbag and even better in a wallet,purse or till ….

Staurolite The
fairy stone, shaped like stools, carefree, joyous, happy. Providing a new look at old or outdated concepts, this stone stretches the mind to new possibilities and situations. When you have come as far as you can under your own steam, utilise Staurolite to shed new light and a new method on the situation. Provides a sparkle, some magic and a sense of freedom.

Rarely do you see these lovely little treasures – beautiful!
The stones are also known as – The fairy stones, the unusual shapes cause the imagination to visualise them as little stools and chairs for fairies to sit upon
Children are especially interested in these little treasures
Approx 20 to 35 mm high
I rarely see these treasures being sold!