Pinhole Glasses standard black frame


Pinhole Glasses standard black frame – Now see clearly without glasses.Works Instantly for Anyone

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Now see clearly without glasses

  • Works Instantly for Anyone

  • Razor Sharp Visual Clarity

  • No Eye Exam and Prescription

  • One Pair for Life

  • Keeps Vision Intact

  • 100% Natural

  • Very Affordable

  • Eliminate Eye Strain

Tense eyes? Trouble with your vision? Let’s find out why. Almost every other
person has vision problems! Conventional eyeglasses or contact lenses only treat
the symptoms. However, in most cases, the cause can not be remedied.

Pinhole glasses are suitable for:

  • Short sightedness
  • Crossed eyes
  • Long sightedness
  • Cataracts
  • Astigmatism
  • Relieving eye strain
  • Presbyopia
  • Double vision


    Good ideas are usually simple: With Grid Glasses, you use the biological trick
    of incidence of light reduction. Grid Glasses
    bundle the light rays coming in with the help of a dot matrix before they get to
    the eyes. In this way, the picture reaches the centre of the retina directly.
    This can have a positive effect on the focusing operation of your eyes.


    In a weak eye, light rays entering the eye’s lens are not all focused onto the same place on the retina. For example rays a b f g, require more focusing by the lens to hit the same plane as rays c d e, which are nearer to the centre. Rays c d e are usually always in focus, regardless of the condition of the eye, and form a clear image on the retina. This clear image is flooded by the blurred image known as the “blur circle” formed by rays a b f g.

    The unaided weak eye with Pinhole Glasses

    When the pinhole lens is used, only rays c d e are allowed to form an image on the retina and no blur circle is present to block the clear image. Consequently, by using a lens with multiple pinholes, many focused images form on the retina and a clear, natural image is seen. Also, no effort is required from the eye muscles, as the only rays entering the eye are already in focus. Hence there is a dramatic consequential, relaxing effect.

    By wearing Grid Glasses, you are automatically
    training your eye muscles. It doesn’t matter if you are reading the morning
    paper, performing demanding computer work or watching an exciting film in the
    evening – you will be astonished time and again. With Grid Glasses, you can see
    well and at the same time train the mobility of the eye muscles during work or

    Good ideas are useful: Regular training with Grid Glasses is a holistic method
    for relaxed, natural vision. The glasses cause a natural calming of the retina
    and can have a beneficial effect on your entire eye complex, especially on
    perception, colour identification and light tolerance.


    Grid Glasses can be worn by anyone and do not need to be sized by an optician

    Also suitable for children and youth – prevent vision difficulties from a young
    Multiple everyday uses (not for street traffic!)
    Without any known side effects or contraindications

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