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Negative ion bracelet


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1 x Negative ion bracelet,
rare earth minerals, sports, High Quality, Gift Boxed

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You are purchasing 1 x Bracelet as shown in the above picture – you can choose from Blue or Black

Brand New, excellent condition
Attractive bracelets fitted with rare earth minerals that assist to create negative ions around the wearer.
Available in black or blue
One size fits most as you can trim the rubber into the band (just cut it off to the desired length and pop back into the clip – take care not to cut too much off, you can always trim again if a little too large)
Gift boxed
Complete with instruction sheets
A lovely gift

The creation of negative ions has long been revered to have beneficial effects.

What is a negative ion?
Simply atoms or molecules that have gained an extra electron, which thus gives them a negative charge. This phenomenon occurs naturally in nature due to friction, most commonly via air and water.

People are intuitively attracted to places where the negative ions are high, including sitting near waterfalls, strolling along a beach or breathing deeply after a thunderstorm.

We get a sense of wellbeing and a sense of freshness when the air is full of negative ions.

On the other hand, when the air is full of positive ions, we naturally don’t enjoy it. The air feels stale and dust collects in areas including less frequently used rooms, TV screens, computer monitors and computer rooms. In fact there is now discussion of a new condition known as VODS (Video Operator Distress Syndrome). All of these situations are sources of high numbers of positive ions which, are generally found to create ill health.

In extreme testing situations, scientists have discovered that de-ionised air is not life giving (the same with de-ionized water). Tests found that if they raised animals in air that had been de-ionised, they would die within 2 weeks. This inability to use oxygen effectively also found that if negative ions were added to the chamber they were in, the animals had an immediate and startling recovery.

As a result of these studies NASA ensured all spacecraft are fitted with ionisers to ensure the health and wellbeing of their astronauts.

These lovely bracelets are comfortable, look attractive and are perfect simply as a fashion accessory.
When I wore mine I felt a little strange for as while as if my energies were being adjusted and then a sense of empowerment, balance and calm settled over me.
They are gift boxed
Look attractive
Are perfect for unique gift giving
Look great when worn
You may choose from a blue or black

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