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Our makeup is not just a refinement of conventional makeup; it’s a new technology. It’s so effective it is recommended by plastic surgeons, dermatologists and skin care professionals

Four in one – Our micronized mineral bases are four products in one: foundation, powder, concealer and sunscreen, and will disguise almost any skin discoloration.

SPF 17 Pressed Bases & SPF 20 Loose Bases – Formulated with titanium dioxide and zinc oxide, the minerals give instant, broad-spectrum, chemical-free sun protection. They are also Very Water Resistant.

Fast, weightless coverage – Because we use no fillers like talc to dilute the effectiveness of the pigment, one quick application of our minerals provides all-day coverage that doesn’t fade, crease or smear.
Non-comedogenic and oil-free – The skin is allowed to breathe and function normally.

Minimum allergy risk – We use no sensitizers like perfume or chemical dyes and preservatives in our bases, blush or eye shadows.

Coverage – Because the minerals are concentrated pigment, they give complete coverage and can be used effectively to camouflage large or small distractions.

Adhere – The minerals adhere to the skin until they are removed with any cleanser.

Anti-inflammatory – Our mineral bases have anti-inflammatory properties and are especially helpful for acne and rosacea-prone skins.

Inert – The loose minerals are inert and cannot support bacteria.

Quality – We use state of the art cosmeceutical ingredients to ensure the finest performance in coverage, application and texture. Our vitamins and antioxidants are pharmaceutical grade.

No animal testing

Our micronized mineral bases are concentrated pigment. This means that we use no fillers like talc to stretch pigment or dyes. (Pigment is defined as inorganic color insoluble in water,) as opposed to dyes which are organic (usually derived from petroleum) and soluble in water. Because our bases are concentrated pigment, the coverage we can achieve is far superior to normal makeup with a minimum amount of product. This is why mineral makeup should always look sheer and natural. This concentrated pigment also gives us the high rating we achieve with sunscreen protection.
Amazing Base®
Is made from micronized minerals, which have an SPF 20. Amazing Base is a concealer, foundation, powder and sunscreen all in one. Use it wet or dry. It comes packaged in a jar containing 10.5 grams with a sifter, a sponge and a gold lid. It is available in 10 colors,(from the Jane Iredale website ) which are divided into cool, warm and neutral tones.

  • The cool colors have a pink undertone and the warm tones a yellow. On the color chart they are arranged from light to dark.Colour choice on this site is limited but all colours are available if you already know your perfect colour .Please note your colour choice in the comments box on the order form in the shopping cart.

    Amazing Base is best applied with our chisel powder brush for normal coverage and with our pink flocked sponge for heavier coverage.


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amber, Golden Glow, Honey Bronz, Latte, Natural, Radiant, Satin, Suntan, Warm sienna