Fairy stones Staurolite Pendant


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Fairy stones Staurolite Pendant

Fairy stone charm in silvertone
Total length is 2 cms .This is a natural staurolite stone
Every Fairy stone is in some shape of a cross, and millions of people are now wearing them in various forms of jewelry.
May the charms of the Fairy Stone make you blessed
Through the days of labor and nights of rest
Where ever you stay, where ever you go.
May the beautiful Flowers of the good Fairies grow.
by Waldemar T. Schaller
It is well known that President Theodore Roosevelt and President Wilson, Thomas A. Edison, Colonel Charles Lindbergh, and many other historical figures including some of the crown heads of Europe and prominent officers and men in the European War carried one or more of these little lucky pieces tucked snugly away about them.
Hundreds of years before King Powhatan’s dynasty came into power long before the woods breathed the gentle spirit of the lovely Pocahontas, the fairies were dancing around a spring of limpid water, playing with the naiads and wood nymphs, when an elfin messenger arrived from a strange city, far away in the land of the dawn, bringing the sad tidings of the death of Christ; and when they heard the terrible story of the crucifixion they wept. And as the tears fell upon the earth they were crystallized into little pebbles, on each of which was formed a beautiful cross. When the fairies had disappeared from the enchanted spot the ground around the spring and the adjacent valley were strewn with these unique mementoes of that melancholy event.