Advanced Light Color Healing disc kit and Balancing torch (SPECIAL)

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Beautifully gift boxed in a wooden mahogony box with dividers label for easy access use. RRP $79.95 complete set .Special price only valid when you also purchase the Crystal light torch

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The DEAL Crystal light balancing torch ($225 plus the Disc ($79.95) Together only $295


The Advanced CLB Color Healing disc kit comes in a beautiful hand made wooden style box with 6 solid (durable) discs, easy out tray & full healing properties.

Some of the healing properties that these discs embrace are quite remarkable, including the holographic disc which appears to “bend light”……….

Healing energies of the Crystal Light Balancing Advanced Color Healing Discs
Beautifully gift boxed in a wooden mahogony box with dividers & label for easy access & use. RRP $79.95 complete set

Orchid – A wonderfully ethereal healing. The Orchid disc assists the patient to open their mind and uplift themselves to a higher level, especially beneficial to be utilised around the third eye to open to the angelic realms.
Orchid assists to release past hurts and allow the patient to realise their own beautiful nature. It assist you to feel comfortable with yourself and develop a strong sense of self love. Perfect for those who always place others needs before their own. By allowing the patient to realise their own beauty it also assists to realise their own importance in the world and their deep connection to spirit. Excellent for those who feel they have lost their way and need heavenly reconnection.

Oceanic – A beautifully serene form of color healing, Oceanic awakens energies of the ocean, including dolphin healing & allows the mind to stretch to new possibilities. Perfect when beginning new business opportunities & endeavours to allow the patient to see a wider picture and many ideas may now begin to be formulated that were previously overlooked. The ocean is ever-changing & from a distance appears to be stable. Yet on closer inspection we discover unpredictability, sensitivity, and power. This is similar to the human psyche & if we utilise the Oceanic disc it can represent our inner landscapes. When utilising the Oceanic healing, it may be beneficial to request your patient mentally bring this deep ocean imagery into their mind to assist in bringing deeper issues & emotions to the surface to heal during the balance. Once they have achieved this imagery, continue on with the balancing procedure passing the Oceanic color waves over the entire body, ask the patient to think of the sun, the sand, deep azure seas and any other elements that offer you guidance. In awakening these energies during the balance you will be assisting them to remove any negativity and reestablish emotional equilibrium.
Similar to the ocean’s tides washing over the shores, removing debris & restoring balance, so can your Oceanic healing cleanse the soul of that which no longer serves us. As our daily life generally impacts upon us and brings negativity on a daily basic it is excellent to receive this Oceanic balance at least once a month.

Midnight – Assists to release & uplift negativity, fear, anxiety, hatred, resentment, guilt, & depression. It is excellent for grounding energies & allowing the patient to see their reason to live. Providing a healing utilising the midnight disc gives the patient spiritual protection (especially beneficial if they are under psychic attack or entity attachment) whilst allowing them to feel independent, secure & safe. The midnight disc deepens our connection to all things physical, (the natural being). Whilst removing fears, especially those associated with our physical existence here on earth.
Midnight healing acts as a shield to protect and deflect negative energies that may come to you. At the same time it is beneficial for patients who do not like the way they look to bring a sense of self-acceptance.
The midnight discs brings a sense of being assertive, daring, intriguing, mysterious and independent… It allows the patient to feel grounded, confident, and fearless. Try it!
If your patient has been suffering from a depletion of energies (even after a holographic healing), utilise midnight to banish these negative energies.

(*As midnight & charcoal are similar in appearance, we have added a small circle to the midnight disc to distinguish them. As this is on the outside of the disc it will not affect your healings in any way)

Charcoal – Assists Spiritual healing. When the patient is suffering from a lack of commitment, or has depression of any form, utilise charcoal to uplift and remove these negative states of being. The Charcoal disc represents the energy of neutrality. It clears confusion and is of benefit when the patient feels that are out of balance or at a crossroads in life. When they are suffering from general depression or sadness, Charcoal will provide energy and guidance for problems/ situations that are arising.
Assists to heighten intuition and brings encouragement & support. Like midnight – it can be utilised to remove negativity and bring about hope, unconditional love, nurturing, grounding, a sense of appreciation of women and nature. It has been found to evoke mystic visions, spiritual and romantic love, tenderness, kindness, sensitivity and psychic abilities. Charcoal encourages stability; whilst assisting to develop psychic abilities with psychic protection.


Ruby – Assists to bring back a burning desire, a passion for life & the ability to regain drive, determination & creative energies. On a darker healing spectrum than the standard red disc, Ruby awakens deep desires and assists the patient to remember their life path & direction in life. Similar to red, Ruby heals unresolved emotions, particularly those in relation to a father figure, however with thi s healing comes an awakening of personal energies. Excellent for those who are feeling ‘stuck in a rut’, unable to complete projects or lost in their life direction. Excellent for any sluggish concerns within the body to move quickly through them and bring rapid healing. Often patients return home after a ruby healing and suddenly ‘spring clean’ & become involved in past projects that had been shelved (sometimes for years)

Holographic – Assists to heal damaged etheric energies. Hold over & move in a gentle circular motion over any area of the body that has been damaged to assist in ‘knitting’ the etheric back together. When the skin / organs are damaged often an energy breakage occurs allowing energy to leak out in a similar way to blood leaking out from a cut. Over time, left untreated this causes an energy depletion and renders the patient tired, lacking in energy / motivation, feeling lethargic, vague aches & pains and many other symptoms. By knitting the etheric back together with the holographic disc the energy breakage is healed and the patient is thus able to maintain their own energy levels. Often patients report an increase in energy, health & general well being simply by the use of this color therapy.
As a complete balancing procedure, have you patient lay down and gently go over the entire body utilising the holographic disc. (If you think back over a lifetime of cuts, bruises & damage done to the body you will begin to realise how many of these energy breakages may be present). At the end of the session, your patient will be able to maintain energy throughout the entire body from this point on and should generally experience a better state of being almost immediately.
From this point onwards, the holographic disc can be utilised any time the body is damaged to maintain energetic health.

It is interesting to note that I have observed when viewed in standard light the light coming from the CLB tip (with the holographic disc inserted) seems to be just white light, yet if viewed in a darkened situation you are able to see the light refracting into several directions showing the varied energy axis & the ‘meshing’ of energies that takes place.

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