Treatment options

Treatment plan discussed during first appointment .

Depends on your condition

For information on all conditions please refer to Natural therapies page or for skin conditions see Psoriasis and acne clinic information

For the Treatment for muscular (muscle) skeletal (joint) weakness , and may include


Forms of massage available Remedial Swedish Reflexology Deep Muscle Lymphatic Drainage, Aromatherapy ,Hot Rocks .Used for soft tissue , sports injuries and repetitive strain injuries Magnetic therapy.Massage

Exercise programs may also be recommended.

Postural rebalancing using various methods on assessment as required.You are a work in progress.Our muscles are really just one big push /pulley system .These muscle attach directly and indirectly to bone . If you are out of alignment it is your muscles that have set up the tension patterns that cause misalignment .

Retraining foot muscles using health inner soles specially assessed and made for you .

Light therapy stimulates metabolism of cells reducing cellulite and helps with healing scars and stretch marks ..All the benefits of natural sunlight without the risk of overheating or sunburn. Rejuvenating, stimulates the body to increase vitamin D that strengthens bones and skin. Increases energy ,vitality and wellbeing. Used during massage treatments .For details link to Back Pain Management

Enar therapy

The interactive therapy device achieving fast rehabilitation results

  • Relieve Acute and Chronic Pain Fast
  • Improve Function – Reduce Disability
  • Accelerate Recovery – Rehabilitation

G5 physiotherapy massager A stimulating massage that quickly reduces tension and pain. Used for soft tissue and sports injury , muscular spasms, pressure sores , oedema ,nerve pain and respiratory problems. Treatment sessions are 30 minutes and can be combined with other types of massage.

If you have gone everywhere,found no relief this may be the answer you looking for.It is all about balanced muscle movement .Find your balance here ……