Energy Healing

Energy Healing

What does Energy healing mean ?

An ability to enhance and improve overall health by enhancing the body’s natural healing ability.

There are many ways to stimulate the body’s ability to heal. Food, nutritional supplements, clean air & water, sunshine , magnetic radiation from the earth and stellar bodies and from the bioenergy transferred from one person to another. Bioenergy forms of Healing include Spiritual / Reiki / Psychic / Emotional / Mental / Chi / Feng Shui /Acupuncture and Qi .All are names for bioenergetic healing and work on freeing up the flow of energy within a person .The philosophy for each form may differ but the aim is the same .

Psyche refers to the processes occurring in consciousness at any time.Consciousness being the way you perceive yourself and the world around you .

Almost all negative experiences block lifeforce.They leave a residue within the person affecting the way in which life is viewed from that point forth.Whether it be physical, emotional or mental injury the effect can still leave behind an obstacle, a block, an unwillingness to allow “that” to happen again.

By adulthood these obstacles ,when not faced and overcome affect the psyche – the you that is YOU – limiting and restricting personal growth and change,affecting and colouring judgement and the way we interact with life.

Basically,energy is energy.The same energy that is used to power a hair dryer,heat your home, cook your food can also kill you.It depends very much on the way you use that energy.

Through healing the energy that has been stored as anger,fear, or tension can effectively and safely in a non confronting way be removed from the energy field leaving you with the memory and experience of the event/s but without the heaviness and negative emotional investment associated with it.

Therefore, a more balanced and objective outlook on life can be reached.A greater freedom to interact in a balanced ,harmonious way ; an increase in person power ; a feeling of lightness as though a great weight has been lifted from you .

With the removal of these blockages, the energy field that emanates and powers the body,flows more freely and vibrantly,supplying more energy for growth and repair to each and every cell,muscle and organ of the body. Healing ,rejuvenating and mending the body, the mind and the emotions.

Healing allows you to heal the past and the present and grow towards a more harmonious future.

Healing sessions are available at this health practice .

How do you heal someone else ?

It is not so much that I heal you ; it is more that i remove imbalances in your bio magnetic energy field. I do this by using by own energy field to stir yours up.(moving hands just above your body.)This breaks up areas of static( non moving energy) and gets it flowing more freely through the body. More energy = more energy for your body to heal itself.

Other ways to facilitate removal of energy blockages

The Enar is very effective as is colour therapy and Hot Rocks .Please view the video for a BETTER IDEA on these therapies or go the links below

How to choose your energy practitioner ?

This is very important .If you do not feel better the day after a session this practitioner is not for you .
Test your energy yourself


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    Please download this Purification Blueprint and display proudly in your living space.

This code, called Purification, has been published with the sole purpose of helping people with this purification.

The energy of Purification will help you to forgive yourself for making choices you did not understand completely at the time. Once you are free of regret and self pity, you can start healing yourself after which you will automatically heal everyone around you with radiant unconditional love.

As the Earth is purifying itself with water, wind and rain so do we need to purify ourselves to prepare us for our own individual transition. As the Earth ‘hurts’ itself, so must we realize that we might feel ‘hurt’ if we dare start this process of purification. Get rid of old habits, so-called programs, we run day in day out without realizing it.

A powerful way of doing this is by using Sacred Geometry. Science has proven long ago that our bodies are geometrically designed systems. Our subconsciousness recognizes complex Sacred Geometrical symbols that have been used since time immemorial. Although our conscious minds will not understand, and even might think them strange, Sacred Geometry has a powerful effect on our mental state and also our physical body.

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Be clear in thought, firm in decision and strict in action

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