Back Pain Management

Back Pain Management
Back Pain can be complex.

Back care and whole body wellness Extract from Consult Yourself

The spine is more than just the support that keeps you upright.It is the housing for your central nervous system.From inside the spinal column sprouts a network of nerve branches that send and receive messages from the brain to organ and muscle and back again .It is the equivalent of the body’s telephone lines,but what happens if there is a short.

Causes of spinal problems.
incorrect posture causing spinal misalignment or damage.
Genetic weakness
Lack of muscular flexibility due to lack of oxygen and blood supply.
Toxic build up of metabolic wastes due to lack of oxygen, & nutrients transported via the blood.
Accident or injury

Spinal help
One of the most important things you can do for your spinal and whole body health is to increase your oxygen and blood supply to the spine.
You could do this by

  • exercising at least half an hour daily -gentle stretching is best
    Have a massage every 6 weeks
    Correcting posture
    Wearing comfortable , low heeled shoes
    Wear orthotic innersoles if you shoes are wearing unevenly on the soles.
    Nerves from the spine relating to organs, problem areas & symptoms

Vertebrae are the bones of the spine .If they are slightly out of place you may experience the following physical problems.

new_pa1 Cervical vertebrae-migraine,insomnia,dizziness,numbness of facial muscles,ear inflammation,high blood pressure,sore throat,ringing in the ears.
Thoracic verebrae -hard neck muscles,pain in upper body,lack of upper body strength,asthma, allergies, heart disease, hardening of the arteries,rheumatism,arthritis,inflammed kidneys, throat
problems,liver and stomach problems.

Lumbar vertebrae – sciatica,painful knees,athletes foot,weak legs,ankle pain,frequent urination, varicose veins,hernia, constipation.

Sacrum – Different leg lengths,bladder infections,tilted womb,haemorrhoids,infertility problems.
Referred areas of pain
new_pa3 Back of body
A:perforated ulcer
D;Uterus or rectum
new_pa2. Front of body
A:Stomach and duodenum
B;Small intestine
C:Bladder,lower colon,prostate


It is not my suggestion that you diagnose for yourself but having some idea as to what that pain is may help or prompt you to seek the advise of a qualified medical professional

I use Bioptron light therapy in conjunction with massage therapy to improve lower back discomfort

In rheumatology, BIOPTRON Light Therapy can help to:
Relieve pain and decrease its intensity
Strengthen muscles and expand body motion
Increase walking distance and speed
Improve sleep quality

In physical therapy and rehabilitation, BIOPTRON Light Therapy can help to:
Relieve pain and muscle tightness
Improve tissue nourishment
Reduce swelling
Speed regenerative processes and wound healing

In sports medicine, BIOPTRON Light Therapy can help to:
Bring relief to aching muscles
Soothe joint pain
Increase the range of active and passive movements of joints
Allow quicker recovery of muscular and joint activity
Support the treatment of painful sports injuries like tendon or muscle problems

It also can be a complementary treatment for:
Wound healing
Wounds after an injury (post-traumatic wounds)
Wounds after an operation (post-surgical wounds)
Leg ulcers and Decubitus (pressure sores)

I also recommend Healthmarque soft sole orthotics     AND are a qualified assessment practitioner


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Consult yourself E book – learn how to do it yourself comes with symptom charts and reference charts and free mini gift e books Home treatments you can do & women and Libido .Also includes comprehensive back care information

4. Recommended Products Silicea and Arthro aid ( available from pharmacy and health food stores)

Silica (Silicea) gives structure to all living things throughout the plant and animal kingdoms. It is essential to the human body, it is found in lungs, intestines and blood. An aqueous compound of oxygen and silicon – silica is a natural elemental substance. It’s nature’s building block. Silica gives strength and support to all connective tissue, tendons and ligaments, skin, hair and nails. Silica supports the absorption of calcium in the human body. Body Essential silicea is a dietary colloidal preparation of natural silica in which microscopic particles of silica are so finely dispersed in water that a gel is formed. This makes Body Essential silicea uniquely easy to absorb.
INGREDIENTS: Each mL contains: 28mg/mL silica-colloidal anhydrous
DOSE: As a dietary supplement to support skin, hair and nails & to maintain elasticity of the skin.
Adults and children over 12years of age take 1 tablespoon (15mL by metric measure) daily diluted in water or juice.
Topical application: Dispense small quantity into a separate clean container. When applied to surface of skin, Body Essential Silicea may also be useful in the relief of minor/superficial wounds such as cuts, scratches and abrasions. May assist in the symptomatic relief of mild to moderate acne, and in the relief of the effects of psoriasis on the skin. For the symptomatic relief of sunburn, apply Body Essential Silicea with a dampened cotton ball to the affected area and cover with gauze. Rinse after 10 mins. For the first aid treatment of minor sunburn only. Initially treat area with cold water. Then apply Body Essential Silicea. Seek medical attention for serious burns. Silicea can also be used as a face mask.