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“My specialty is health and well being. My aim is to assist you to that very end.”
Ask yourself the following questions….
Isn’t it time
* I had more energy?
* Took better care of myself?
* made a lifestyle change ?
* Fixed my …..condition?
* Got some help with …….?
If you go to a Doctor when your sick who do you go to prevent getting sick again ?

Preventative medicine covers a range of treatments and natural products that may assist you to achieve optimal health.
Along with conventional medicine Natural medicine can complement your health care plan.
Sometimes herbs may be used to lessen the need for stronger drugs to alleviate symptoms.
Minerals and herbs can, when correctly prescribed assist to improve immune function .
“For centuries ,people have used extracts from plants and herbs to treat illness. We now know that some of these preparations contain valuable therapeutic drugs. Aspirin from willow bark : morphine from opium poppy seeds :quinine, used against malaria, comes from the bark of the chinchona tree: and digitalis, used in the treatment of heart disease, was first extracted from foxglove. Many of these treatments were successful but the mechanism by which they effect a cure was unknown. Extract from Microbiology and infection control by Penny Bishop & Garry Lee

Services Offered
The services provided by this health practice includes patient natural health care in private consultation as described below and online informational pages as listed above. This includes – A clinic video presentation ,Health e book store ,Free e books and articles

Health consultations

Private consults for most health complaints including massage , hypnotherapy , herbal and nutritional counselling ,iridology etc .Tests available–Candida testing–muscle testing ,postural tests and Range of motion testing.faecal Immunochemical test.

 Psoriasis & Acne Clinic

Natural treatments for reactive skin conditions Options for treatment explained and discussed in this half an hour evaluation. All treatment products are steroid and drug free We selectively isolate and correct immune triggers to reduce flare ups

Menopause Clinic

Natural options for hormone replacement health issues explained and solutions offered We have a treatment plan that addresses the following symptoms of low or imbalanced hormones Hot flushes Incontinence Weight gain Headaches and migraines Osteoporosis mood swings Tiredness. hormones /anti aging

Back Pain Management
Assessment and treatment plan discussed.Treatment may include Massage Forms of massage available Remedial Swedish Reflexology Deep Muscle Lymphatic Drainage,Aromatherapy .Used for soft tissue , sports injuries and repetitive strain injuries Magnetic therapy. Hot stone massage,Exercise programs may also be recommended.
Light therapy  stimulates metabolism of cells reducing cellulite and helps with healing scars and stretch marks ..All the benefits of natural sunlight without the risk of overheating or sunburn. Rejuvenating, stimulates the body to increase vitamin D that strengthens bones and skin. Increases energy ,vitality and wellbeing. Used during massage treatments .

G5 physiotherapy massager  A stimulating massage that quickly reduces tension and pain. Used for soft tissue and sports injury , muscular spasms, pressure sores , oedema ,nerve pain and respiratory problems. Treatment sessions are 30 minutes and can be combined with other types of massage.

 “divinely relaxing ‘ “a bit like tantra” ” I feel really good it’s suprising ” find out more about Hot Rocks on the massage page
Natural Infertility Treatments

Natural conception for infertility. Better understand how to improve your chances of falling pregnant .Though planning and correct time 95% of women have fall pregnant within 2 years of using natural methods. For male infertility herbal remedies to improve general health have proven successful in increasing sperm count, motility and vitality. Cutting edge nutritional tips and advice on how to prepare yourself to make a healthy baby
 Want to know what factors affect a couple’s fertility? & Why is it that some couple’s conceive more quickly than others?

The beauty of natural healing is the gently rebalancing of vital healing forces which are essential for mental,emotional and physical Healing. By using natural remedies and time honoured healing treatments the body is brought back into its naturally healthy and abundant state of wellness. Each person is treated individually with emphasis on increasing the speed of recovery.


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Clinic Information
Office hours
Online 24 hours For private consultations- Bookings are essential.
Sunday,Monday,Tuesday,Friday = 10am -6pm

For More Information Contact: Leanne Winner 9730 4372

When travel to Sydney Advanced appointments can be arranged via E-mail.
Consultation Fees
1 hour consultation $97
Half hour Consultation $60
Medicines are additional if needed .

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