Vitamin Caution

Vitamin Caution


Supplements are great when taken wisely

3 important points to remember when taking vitamins….

1. Vitamins are useful if you require them

2.Supplements may or may not agree with you .

3. Under special circumstances vitamin supplementations are contraindicated

  • These are general recommendation only .Please check with your surgeon prior to surgery .

However you do need to stop taking them prior to surgery.

The correct supplementation can improve general health prior to surgery and can facilitate recovery .

This brief outline is a guide only Please consult your physician prior to  implementation

Reasons why we require Pre-Operative Preparation

To improve the surgery outcome
To reduce the length of stay in a hospital
To decrease the chance of infection and post surgical complications
To decrease healing time and recovery

Preoperative suggestions

Stop smoking
No alcohol at least a week prior
Drink at least 2—3 litres of filtered water a day ( decreases nausea from anaesthetics )
Undertake relaxation therapy
Be informed ,gather as much information as you need to feel more secure

Timing of supplements pre operatively

For minor surgery

Start 2 weeks prior to surgery and finish 2 days prior to surgery

For major surgery
Start 2 weeks prior to surgery and finish 4 days prior to surgery

L– Arginine Increase production of nitric oxide, which increases healing and vasodilatation .Pain regulation 3 caps/daily
Protein powder — Builds up tissues, enhances immune system and prevents malnutrition 200 to 400 grams daily depending on weight
Iron Only used if iron low .Anaemic patients have a higher risk of infections and longer recovery time 3 tabs/ daily

Nutritional support
Timing of supplements Post Operatively &  their use 

To assist with
 Wound healing/Scar remodelling /Collagen production–    Vit A,C,E, Zinc, Bromelian proteins Glucosamine arginine and glutamine

Pain Management Vit E,B1, B2 and glycerol Phenylalanine

 Decreases wound pH  / Reduces pain perception Increases pain threshold – 5 Hydroxy Tryptophan 5HTP
Elderly/Malnourished Protein powder Protein

For minor
Can start on day of procedure and continue for at least 2 weeks

Can start when you can tolerate food and continue for 4 –8 weeks depending on severity


Follow directions on products .These supplements are not available via this website.

Disclaimer : This is general information to be used as a guide.Please consult a physician before implementing these recommendations.The author of this site is not responsible for the use or misuse of this information .The sole responsibility  is with the user.

To view information on codex and your right to vitamin therapy view video presentation narrated by Judy Dench at archives



For information on herbal drug interactions please refer to Consult Yourself e book ,Blackmores online Naturopathic help or your Pharmacist