Colour Therapy


Light Therapy and Coloured Light therapy


Light therapy stimulates metabolism of cells reducing cellulite and helps with healing scars and stretch marks ..All the benefits of natural sunlight without the risk of overheating or sunburn. Rejuvenating, stimulates the body to increase vitamin D that strengthens bones and skin. Increases energy ,vitality and wellbeing. Used during massage treatments .


Suitable for  skin problems


Here at the clinic I use Bioptron Light Therapy


BIOPTRON Light is:


BIOPTRON is medically recognised throughout Europe (Certificate for the Quality Assurance System number CE 0124), Japan and Korea and WAS a TGA (Therapeutic Goods Administration) listed ARTG Listing Number:  AUST L 76193.The TGA has just withdrawn this with no reason given(Jan 2010) .
Incoherent – as opposed to laser light, BIOPTRON Light is incoherent or out-of-phase light.  This means that the light waves are not synchronised.
Polychromatic – unlike normal laser light, which is limited to a very narrow bandwidth (monochromatic) and transfers a high amount of energy, BIOPTRON Light encompasses a wide bandwidth (polychromatic) and transfers little energy.  The BIOPTRON Light’s wavelength ranges from 480nm to 3400nm. (95% ranges between 500nm to 1500nm)  As there is no UV present in the wavelength of BIOPTRON Light, it CANNOT tan or burn, and it is safe to use on eyes (with the exception of epilepsy).
Linear Polarized light – its waves oscillate (moves) in parallel planes only, reaching a polarization degree of 95%.
Low Energy Density – this produces a strong bio-stimulative effect which allows the light to stimulate various positive biological processes in the body.


JN0988Colour Therapy




Which comment best describes how you feel?

 “I am so stressed out’ Then  inner well-beingneeds rebalancing
My health is so delicate” Then your power of resistance needs boosting
I feel all limp”   Then energy reserves need boosting
I‘m always constipated” Then metabolism  needs rebalancing
“My skin looks bad” Then  skin and body tissues  needs restoring

What is colour  Therapy ?


Light means Health !


Colours are rainbow’s  fragments of visible light.


Red vitalises and warms


Blue soothes and cools down


Orange restores


Green balances


Yellow activates


Purple supports.


Colour therapy applies colours in sequence to restore balance.


When boosting energy reserves


Yellow is applied to the kidneys to activate


Orange is applies to the liver,stomach and spleen to restore


Purple to the feet to support


Yellow and green to the heart area to activate and balance.


Bring the bodies systems into balance.Turning weakness to a new strength.


Bioptron color light therapyBioptron Coloured light Therapy .



Rainbow your way to  for health!


Specific application of coloured light available here


also see  Massage for bioptron products and to find a Light therapist close to you Information on the effect of colour on you .This site is very interesting