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Psoriasis & Acne clinic &

Leanne’s Natural Therapies

130 Webster Road Lurnea NSW 2170     Phone 0297304372

Hello My name is Leanne and I am the practitioner and owner of The Psoriasis & Acne clinic and Leanne’s Natural Therapies .

When you make an enquiry really you want to speak to someone who can answer your questions not a receptionist .

It is for this reason that I personally take care of all inquiries .However due to the fact that I am consulting with someone the majority of the time you are transferred to voicemail.

So do leave a message, I most certainly will return your call ASAP.

I return phone calls between 9 – 9.30 am and 6 – 8 pm of an evening .All inquires are returned within 24 hours

Alternatively email is a great option as I can respond day or evening as time permits ....Just use  contact us 

This page contains answers to common questions handled by our support staff, along with some tips   that we have found useful and presented here as questions.

  • How do I book an appointment… ?
  • Where can I find you.. ?
  • Why doesn’t Medicare cover your fees… ?
  • Who is Leanne… ?
  • All about consults  … ?
  • When are you open … ?
  • Why won’t you tell me everything I want to know over the phone ..?

How Do I .book an appointment.. ?

Call and leave a message on voicemail if I am busy with a patient .Just follow the instructions on the voicemail message and will return your call ASAP. Why no receptionist? A receptionist is limited in knowledge and can only really take appointments and pass on messages. They are not qualified or trained to give advise or comment on your condition .
To contact me via email please follow this link to go to the store contact

Do pensioners get a discount ?

No . Pensioners usually have more complex  health issues and are often taking long term pharmaceutical drugs .This means more intricate diagnosis rather than less  . Usually pensioners get additional time at no extra cost

Do you ever have special offers ie family discounts ?

Yes .The Health Points club is fantastic way to save 10% off products and more on treatments .One membership  covers a family household . Click here to view all about Health Points  club Health Points Club

Health fund rebates do also apply  until April 2019 giving you even greater savings and peace of mind .With 10 % off your medications  it is a real saving …..

Please note **I am sorry but I do not give medical advise via the internet .  If you have a specific complaint please browse this site

You may find information relevant for your condition freely available on this site 

please select the appropriate link/s on the useful links by condition page ….



Where can I find you.. ?

Suburb- Located in Lurnea ,a suburb of Liverpool NSW ,AUSTRALIA.

Road- Webster Road – nearest cross streets are Reilly Street ,Hoxton Park Road Both run off the Hume Highway.

Number : 130 .A house with a sign in the front window



Find me Here  Directions

 From the Hume highway

    1. 1.Turn into Hoxton Park road

      1. 2.Continue along -HOXTON PARK RD, LIVERPOOL –

        1. 3.Turn left at WEBSTER RD, LURNEA

From Hinchinbrook / Hoxton Park

1.Continue along -HOXTON PARK RD towards -LIVERPOOL.

          1. 2.Turn right at WEBSTER RD, LURNEA

From Hume highway from Campbelltown direction

1. -turn left into Reilly street at set of lights, follow down 1 kilometre to second round about, -turn left into Webster road

From the M5 .

1.Take the Liverpool Hume Highway turn off. Follow directions as above.

      1. Public Transport option From Liverpool station please catch a bus to the corner of Webster road and Graham avenue,Lurnea . I am 5 houses from this corner


Why doesn’t Medicare cover your fees … ? This is the answer to the question is complex .Ask your local PM why?

Does medicare cover my consultation  fees ? No .

Can I claim my consultation fee  through  Health funds?

 Yes until April 1 2019.

Are medications covered by health funds ? No

Who is .Leanne.. ?

Practitioner Profile

Leanne has 20 years of  practical experience in Natural Health, starting  her training in 1982 . “Leanne  makes health  easy to understand ” Link  to testimonials

Leanne currently hold a Bachelor Degree in Complementary Medicine .Diplomas in  Herbal Medicine  ,Aromatherapy ,Nutrition, Hypnotherapy, Beauty Therapy and Certificates in   Remedial massage Cert 1V ,Iris Diagnosis.

Leanne is  a current member of the Australian Traditional Medicine Society. Registered for health fund rebates for Herbal Consultations and remedial massage.


All about a consultation and how much does it cost . ?

Do I need a half  hour or 1 hour consultation ?

If this is your first visit you will need an hour consultation.

What are your fees ?

1 hour consultation  $97(see services in store for current fee prices)

Half hour Consultation  $60

Medicines are additional if needed .

Efpos  and credit cards transactions available  .


How much will my medicines cost me ?

 Depends on your condition .Cost effective preparations  means that a preparation can be prepared for you that may cover all of your symptoms in one bottle. Sometimes you may require more than one product  but my policy is to keep your medications to a minimum

Do I need to keep coming for treatments ?

 Generally when you are feeling well there is no need to keep attending .For some conditions a maintenance program will be discussed with you .Not everything can be fixed forever ,life and time change us and our needs .I  recommend that over 40’s consider a  maintenance wellness.  program but I will discuss this with you if required.

Do children need an hour first consultation ?

Yes. A consultation includes a complete case history and family history,diagnosis of current symptoms ,iris diagnosis,  treatment plan and treatment.

Do I need to tell my Doctor  the  natural medicines  I am taking ?

Yes ,Leanne can also mail/email  a report of medications to your Doctor .The more closely your Doctor and Leanne can work the safer and  more balanced your treatment will be.The result is you get the best of both forms of medicine.


When are you open … ?

Office hours

For private consultations- Bookings are essential.

Sunday ,Tuesday & Friday = between 10am -7pm