About the site

Online since 1997

Leanne’s Natural Therapies and the  Psoriasis & Acne clinic.

The clinic was first founded in 1988 run by myself (Leanne Winner) .

With the advent of the internet ,and of course websites, I added my website to the web in 1997 and wrote my first book which sold over 3000 copies through the clinic.

The Health clinic site has continued to expand, partly as a way to advertise my services to a wider audience but more importantly, to provide a  better, more convenient service  for my  patients .

Not only this but many aspects of health cannot be addressed in a one hour consultation .Thus the introduction of this e book store and other reference pages of this site. I have kept pricing
reasonable  to enable patients to explore other aspects of health and well being that I recommend .

This has also allowed a medium for those who cannot consult with me personally ,the opportunity to learn about self help techniques and point  in the direction of wellness on a whole new level by taking responsibility for being proactive in their healing and long-term wellness..

The Healthclinic storefront was added in 2004 to the online service pages of the Healthclinic.

It has always been my believe that the body is remarkably resilient and with knowledge and direction  you can optimizeyour wellness ,overcome obstacles and experience real happiness….

Good health to you all


Please enjoy viewing the  resources on this site